Wave Soldering

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HB Automation - HWS Series 

We actively respond to the demands and expectations of customers and provide the products or service conforming to customer demands through the effective configuration of technology, production and service elements.

Main Features

Streamline design with transparent windows for easy viewing and maintenance.
Computer & PLC control system with Windows XP O/S.

Reliable electrical components.
Motorized rail width adjustment controlled by computer software.

Spray nozzle driven by step-motor, guided according to a programmed PCB width.

Optional External air chiller to attain desirable cool-down after lead-free soldering.
Pre-programming of weekly operating schedule available.
Closed-loop with inverter control system to keep stability and accuracy of the conveyor speed.
High-efficient modular pre-heaters, convenient for maintenance, and with long-life.
Independent temperature control in the 3 pre-heating zones to achieve the best heat efficiency.

Solder pot in/out and up/down driven by motorized system with security device to avoid any damage caused by incorrect operation.
Standard full titanium solder pot for lead-free production.
1/2HP high power mechanical pump to make the wave as high as 15mm.