Danutek partners with Pink GmbH Thermosysteme

Danutek has become the new official distributor of Pink GmbH Vacuum Soldering machinery in Hungary, Serbia and Ukraine.

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Danutek Hungary is contributing as a Golden Sponsor in the upcoming ELECTROSUB exhibition and conference in March 26 - 28, 2019. We hope to see you at our booth!

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The Koh Young Auto Repair System

Repair or not? 

It is widely recognized that over 70 percent of soldering defects are associated with the solder paste printing process.[1] These defects pose serious concerns to the industry, especially with the component miniaturization trend and the 0201M microchip emergence. Manufacturers cannot scrap the board and the microchip, due to procurement challenges and component costs. However, if the manufacturer does not repair the issue quickly, the whole board is susceptible to failure. Leading inspection supplier, Koh Young Technology is working diligently to extend the “Golden Hour” well beyond its limit by implementing new innovations like integrated tools to repair defective solder depositions.

This is their solution.

[1] Mitch Holtzer, Karen Tellesfen, Westin Bent, Predicting Solder Paste Transfer Efficiency and Print Volume 2017

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