Robotic Soldering

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Promation - Soldering Robot

Today’s electronics suppliers are moving towards robotic automation in all aspects of manufacturing.  The year of 2018 marks a turning point for automated soldering systems, as PROMATION and QUICK have teamed up to deliver high performance – feature rich - soldering platforms at an overall affordable price.  While Automated Soldering Platforms can range in featured technology, the solutions outlined below deliver cutting edge heating technology, high precision “volumetric” Solder Feeding, and industry-leading temperature stability while continuing to offer the “Lowest Cost of Ownership” in its class. 


  1. Return on Investment - PROMATION offers the best value in Robotic Soldering. Customers often see a ONE YEAR Return on Investment!
  2. Less Rework - Once the soldering program is set to the user's desired quality level, the robot will perform its function the exact same way, every single time. 
  3. Highly Efficient - Robotic work stations require a minimal amount of operator involvement after they have been installed and programmed. In most production settings, one operator can be responsible for loading, supervising, and unloading two robots. 
  4. Versatility - Virtually no job is too large, or too small. Our systems are capable of HMP and Lead-free soldering. Options include but are not limited to: Nitrogen Sleeves, Vision Guidance, and Safety Enclosures.