Laser Marking

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YJ LINK - Laser Marking

The Laser Marking machine engraves 1D/2D barcodes, logos and characters on the surface of a PCB or an object without physical or chemical damage, thus enabling complete traceability and automated recognition of the board.

  • This product can be used semi-permanently and it can print various barcodes and letters(1D, 2D), using PANASOINC CO2 Laser head.
  • Fast Tact Time : 7 second (Optimal - 2D, 400mm/sec)
  • Check time : PCB in-put -> Marking -> PCB Out-put
  • Conveyor Speed, Motion Speed Controller
  • Markable at various height as well as a certain height of PCB and CHIP by using Z axis SERVO MOTOR.
  • Fume Collector for the optimal environment
  • Remove PCB Static & Particles
  • FAYb Laser can be used for marking on Metal and other surfaces not markable with CO2 Laser.

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